How It Works

Our Gasgen Technologies conversion kits offer a powerful and reliable dual-fuel carburetor designed to enhance the performance and versatility of your generator, water pump or stationery engine. With our dual-fuel carburetor, you can easily switch between using petrol and gas (LPG, propane or natural gas CNG), providing you with greater flexibility, convenience, and cost savings.

The dual-fuel carburetor works by precisely injecting LPG or natural gas into the engine's air intake system, where it is mixed with incoming air to create a highly combustible mixture that can be ignited by the spark plugs, producing power to drive the engine. Whether you're looking to reduce emissions, save money on fuel costs, or simply enjoy greater flexibility in fuel options, our dual-fuel carburetor is the perfect solution for you.


Electricity from Gas   





1. The combustible gas (LPG / CNG) is converted from high-pressure gas to low-pressure gas and supplied smoothly to the generator.

2. When the generator is started up, the negative pressure enters into the pressure-regulating valve through the mixer. The sealing arm opens the valve and the combustible gas is supplied to the generator after decompression, so the machine operates smoothly.

3. When the generator switches off, the pressure-regulating valve will close at the same time. The flow of gas will thus be cut off and the machine shuts down completely.

4. The operation of the generator is more stable and the original power output of generator is not affected by the installation of the LPG/CNG conversion kit carburetor.