"Gordon en die span by GASGEN TECHNOLOGIES, ek moet julle hierdie review gee! As ek nie by julle uitgekom het nie sou ek nie reggekom het nie. Ek is 'n kunstenaar en ek weet NIKS van masjienie af nie. Jy het van die eerste kontak af my op die naam genoem, my posisie verstaan en toe vir my die beste stap-vir-stap installasie instruksies gegee wat ek nog ooit gesien het! Man, my kind en my Ouma sou die omskakeling self kon doen. Ek kon jou bel, jy was heeltyd positief en opgeruimd en gladnie geïrriteerd met hierdie outjie wat regtig niks weet van 'n enjin nie. My splinternuwe kragopwekker met my splinternuwe LPG/petrol vergasser loop soos 'n JET!!! Ek sou geen ander plekke probeer nie, hou maar vas aan GASGEN!"

- Jacobus


"Just want to say that it took me less than 30 minutes to swop carburettors for the dual one on my Ford 6500KVA genny.
It started 1st time I turned the key and Voila!
100%. I am very glad as it is a bit more quit and use much less money on the gas than fuel.
Good product!!!"

- Eric 


"After reading online on the option of LPG conversion, I took a leap and bought the GX 390. It arrived within a few days. After running in the (new) 7.5Kw generator on petrol, I did the conversion. At first it seemed like a disaster, until I realized that you need to keep the choke on the first position all the time.

I ran it for a number of hours, and calculated that it was running at R36 per hour as opposed to R31 per hour on petrol. I called Gordon and he gave me some pointers, which got it down to around R27 per hour. Gordon called me back a few days later to follow up on the progress and after a very long conversation, going through all details, I finally understood how the concept works. 

The machine now runs at 60% the cost of running on petrol and with no problems at all. Considering that this specific generator will burn it's own price in fuel within 460 hours, this kind of saving is absolutely worth the effort.
After sales service is off the charts. Gordon does not rest until you are happy and I can honestly say that I am."

- Jaco


"With our ridiculous loadshedding in SA and the cost of petrol, I heard of this technology. I ordered the kit from Gasgen and received it within 3 days and installed it myself. It was so simple after following the instructions supplied.
The advantages are less carbon emissions and money saving to mention only 2. I have emailed all my friends and family who have gennies to consider this idea."

- Trevor


"Purchased the conversion kit as a leap of faith, to our absolute pleasure it really works well and after some fairly comprehensive testing, the results are certainly positive.On average we have reduced our fuel bill during load shedding by around 45%. We use around 700 g LPG per hour as apposed to 1.8 L petrol per hour. Have recommended the product far and wide."

- Allan


"I purchased a GENERATOR CONVERSION KIT GX-390 DUAL FUEL LPG. It was delivered within 3 days. I had a problem in getting it to start. A technician was sent out the same day and my problem was fixed in a couple of minutes. The kit works perfectly, and I will recommend Gasgen Technologies to everybody. The staff is very friendly and helpful."

- Deon