Generator Conversion Kit YM-950 Dual Fuel Carburetor (LPG/CNG, Petrol)

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Our generator conversion kits offer powerful and reliable dual-fuel carburetors designed to enhance the performance and versatility of your generator. With our dual-fuel carburetor, you can easily switch between using petrol and gas (LPG, propane or natural gas CNG), providing you with greater flexibility, convenience, and cost savings.

The dual-fuel carburetor works by precisely injecting LPG or natural gas into the engine's air intake system, where it is mixed with incoming air to create a highly combustible mixture that can be ignited by the spark plugs, producing power to drive the engine. Whether you're looking to reduce emissions, save money on fuel costs, or simply enjoy greater flexibility in fuel options, our dual-fuel carburetor is the perfect solution for you.


  • Saves Money: Enjoy a substantial saving in overall operating costs. Plus, running on LPG or handy gas extends the working life of your generator, offers smoother operation and prevents the build-up of sediment deposits which can damage the carburettor and prevent the generator from starting.
  • Saves Lives: Gas-fed generators are far safer to operate than petrol-fed units and produce a fraction (10%) of the carbon monoxide emissions.   
  • Saves the Planet:  Gas generators decrease carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by more than 90%, and hydrocarbon emissions (HC) by more than 70% compared to petrol generators.
  • Easy to install and operate



  • Dual Fuel Carburettor for 2-Stroke and Smaller Generators
  • LPG/CNG conversion kit is used for 950 - 1.9Kva Generating sets


Fits Generators:

  • Yamaha: ET950 ET650
  • Adendorf: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Ellies: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Fragram: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Mac Afric: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Omega: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Power Pro: TG950
  • Ryobi: RG950
  • Sunny: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Tiger: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Trade Power: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Zooltro: ET950 ET650 TG950 2-Stroke Generator
  • Other Chinese Generators: Most 950W, 650W with 145F Engine or 1E45F Engine

Warranty and Support

Unlimited warranty on the product. 

Imitation Warning

It has come to our attention that there are cheap imitations of the YM-950 carburetor circulating in the market. These units lack reliability, performance, and can cause serious damage to your generator.

Counterfeit carburetors are made with substandard materials and lack the precision engineering of the genuine Gasgen Technologies YM-950. This can result in premature failure and potential harm to your generator's engine.

To ensure the longevity and dependable operation of your generator, always purchase the authentic YM-950 dual-fuel carburetor from authorized distributors. Look out for suspiciously low prices and verify the authenticity of sellers before buying. 

Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to our customer support team. We are here to help.