Generator Conversion Kit GX-160 Dual Fuel Carburetor (LPG/CNG, Petrol)

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Easy to install and operate GX-160 Dual Fuel Carburetor 

  • Saves Money:  Enjoy a substantial saving in overall operating costs. Plus, running on LPG or handy gas extends the working life of your generator, offers smoother operation and prevents the build-up of sediment deposits which can damage the engine.
  • Saves Lives: Gas-fed generators are far safer to operate than petrol-fed units and produce a fraction (10%) of the carbon monoxide emissions.   
  • Saves the Planet:  Gas generators decrease carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by more than 90%, and hydrocarbon emissions (HC) by more than 70% compared to petrol generators.
  • Dual Fuel Carburetor for Generator
  • LPG/CNG conversion kit is used for 2KW to 4.8KW Generating sets 
  • Rated Output (Watts): 4,000 Max Output (Watts): 5,000
  • LPG (liquefied gas) pressure range: 2.8 KPA - 3.8 KPA
  • CNG (compressed natural gas) pressure range: 2.0 KPA - 2.6 KPA
  • Pressure-regulating valve output pressure: 0.03 - 1.56KPA
  • Pressure-regulating valve closing pressure: 3.50KPA
  • Weight: 880g / 1.9lbs

Fits Models:

  • Honda GX160 5.5HP / GX200 6.5HP / 168F 6.5HP / 170F 7.5HP Engine
  • Harbor Freight Predator 212cc 6.5HP OHV Horizontal Engine 4000 Generator
  • Champion 100307 100397 100401 76533 Generators 224cc Engine

Warranty and Support

Unlimited warranty on the product. 

Delivery in South Africa within 3 - 5 working days from date of despatch.

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