Generator Conversion Kit GX-390 Dual Fuel Manual Choke Carburetor (LPG/CNG, Petrol)

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  • Saves Money:  Enjoy a substantial saving in overall operating costs. Plus, running on LPG or CNG extends the working life of your generator, offers smoother operation and prevents the build-up of sediment deposits which can damage the carburetor and prevent it from starting.
  • Saves Lives: Gas-fed generators are far safer to operate than petrol-fed units and produce a fraction (10%) of the carbon monoxide emissions.   
  • Saves the Planet:  Gas generators decrease carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by more than 90%, and hydrocarbon emissions (HC) by more than 70% compared to petrol generators.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Dual Fuel Carburetor for Generators
  • Automatic change over gas to petrol petrol to gas
  • LPG/CNG conversion kit is used for 4.5-8KW Generating sets 
  • Rated Output (Watts): 4000Max Output (Watts): 8,500
  • LPG (liquefied gas) pressure range: 2.8 KPA - 3.8 KPA
  • CNG (compressed natural gas) pressure range: 2.0 KPA - 2.6 KPA
  • Pressure-regulating valve output pressure: 0.03 - 1.56KPA
  • Pressure-regulating valve closing pressure: 3.50KPA
  • Weight: 880g / 1.9lbs

Fits Models:

Honda and Honda clone Generators: GX340 GX360 GX390 GX420 188F 11HP 13HP 16HP 4.5KW-8KW 

Warranty and Support

Unlimited warranty on the product. 

Delivery in South Africa within 3 - 5 working days from date of despatch.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you

Guys I just want to say this is an awsome product. After returning home with the GX390 my 8year old daughter asked if she can install it so I responded sure we will do it together. After I removed the air filter I went to clean it. By the time I returned she was tightening the new carb with the right gasket in the right place assembled correctly I just had to connect the hoses. Great product guys! Now I was suspecting it to struggle to start the first time but no first push of the start button and boom it is working. Amazing thank you for a awesome product

Philip Dafel

Brilliant product what a saving compared to petrol

Chris Craig - Mackie
Great Service, Great Product

What a wonderful product and so easy to install. The instructions are detailed and simply to understand.

My initial purchase was for the incorrect carburator.

One phone call to Gordon and he arranged for the correct carburetor to be shipped to my doorstep, delivered 2 days later and for the incorrect carburetor collected without any fuss.

Once installed, my generator started easily and has run smoothly, without problems.

Less emissions, noise and heat, with the added versatility as advertised.

Well done Gordon Morris and GasGen Technologies.

Great product

Was sceptical but gave it try. Fitment was super easy like a plug and play. Followed instructions for startup and started with the first try. With 5.5kv generator and a 9kg gas bottle I ran for 13,5 hours with the whole house connected accept the geyser. If saving on fuel cost is what you are looking for this is the way to go.

Best buy by far!!

I've saved so much by converting to gas! Absolutely no problems with installation and I've been using my generator ever since.