Generator Conversion Kit GX-390 Dual Fuel Manual Choke Carburetor (LPG/CNG, Petrol)

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  • Saves Money:  Enjoy a substantial saving in overall operating costs. Plus, running on LPG or CNG extends the working life of your generator, offers smoother operation and prevents the build-up of sediment deposits which can damage the carburetor and prevent it from starting.
  • Saves Lives: Gas-fed generators are far safer to operate than petrol-fed units and produce a fraction (10%) of the carbon monoxide emissions.   
  • Saves the Planet:  Gas generators decrease carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by more than 90%, and hydrocarbon emissions (HC) by more than 70% compared to petrol generators.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Dual Fuel Carburetor for Generators
  • Automatic change over gas to petrol petrol to gas
  • LPG/CNG conversion kit is used for 4.5-8KW Generating sets 
  • Rated Output (Watts): 4000Max Output (Watts): 8,500
  • LPG (liquefied gas) pressure range: 2.8 KPA - 3.8 KPA
  • CNG (compressed natural gas) pressure range: 2.0 KPA - 2.6 KPA
  • Pressure-regulating valve output pressure: 0.03 - 1.56KPA
  • Pressure-regulating valve closing pressure: 3.50KPA
  • Weight: 880g / 1.9lbs

Fits Models:

Honda and Honda clone Generators: GX340 GX360 GX390 GX420 188F 11HP 13HP 16HP 4.5KW-8KW 

Warranty and Support

Unlimited warranty on the product. 

Delivery in South Africa within 3 - 5 working days from date of despatch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Johnny Weel
What a blessing

I have done the conversion and what a blessing! Saving a lot of money. Running 6 months on a 19kg gas bottle.

Ryobi Generator

One of the best convertions to save money. Gas usage much cheeper than petrol. 21 hours running time on a 19kg gas bottle with still a little hit of gas left in the bottle, but not enough pressure to keep generator going. Use gas left on gas stove for value for money. Easy to install with step by step guide given.

Andre Herman
Great product for Ryobi

Great support and fast delivery.
I fitted the GX-390 to my Ryobi RG-6900K and it runs beautifully with no settings changed. Easy to fit with good instructions and a video on their website.
Extremely happy with my purchase.

What a saving!

Many thanks for both excellent service and an awesome product.

I received excellent advice when phoning to query the gas conversion, and on placing an order received prompt delivery.
The instructions to fit the new GX-390 Dual Fuel carburetor were clear and concise and very easy to follow.
My Generator (6500 Watts) started immediately on Gas, and certainly runs cleaner.
Running on Petrol cost me R 61.60 per hour, on gas it is costing me R 23.84 per hour. A saving of R 37.76 per hour.
I'm a very happy customer.

Running so quietly!

Good day, Gasgen users
Today on the eve of women's Day celebration 🍾 ✨️, I received my Conversation kit GX390 dual carburetor. I installed it so quick But to I somehow struggled to get it started due to overflow gas into carburetor. Eventually, I figured it out, Wow 👌 👏 😍, I ❤️ love it as running so quietly and, this time No Petrol! What a day! I can't wait for stage 5 to see how far will it last with 10 kG cylinder bottle. Thank you so much Mr. Gordon. Your service was world glass and assist.